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Destination Gold Coast Brand Platform


With all eyes focused on the Gold Coast during the 2018 Commonwealth Games, Destination Gold Coast saw an incredible opportunity to keep them there.

We were tasked with creating a brand platform that showcased the most spectacular parts of the coast (and there were plenty to choose from!), while reaffirming its place in the hearts of all Australians.

The kids who holidayed and played on the GC in the 80s and 90s have now grown up and had families of their own. And the Gold Coast – as a destination – has grown up too.

Simple beach shacks have become luxury 5-star towers. Bustling theme parks are now balanced with stunning hinterland retreats. And the humble pack of fish and chips is getting served up right next to the country’s finest restaurants.

But one thing about the Gold Coast has never changed – its playful, fun-loving spirit. In positioning the Gold Coast as Australia’s Favourite Playground, we activated some powerful nostalgia for millennials who want to relive the joyful holidays of their youth, and to share those experiences with their own kids. And to add the cherry on top, we showed them how to do it with a little more luxury this time!

Running since 2019, the Australia’s Favourite Playground platform has exploded into a myriad of touchpoints, from Cinema and TV, through to digital, social, owned assets, tactical sales campaigns and activations.